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Updated: 07-2018

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CAAT Thailand

Thai RPA Regulation

In 2017, Thailand passed a new law specifying all camera drones must register under “The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand” (CAAT) before it is allow to be operate within the kingdom. There had been many blog posts relating to this matter but few were written by people who actually went through the process. As a law binding tourist, I actually jumped through all the hoops in past months and finally had CAAT accepted my application. I am writing this to shed some light onto how you can register your drone outside of Thailand.

There are actually 2 parts under the law:

  1. You must register your camera drone with CAAT.
  2. You must register the controller (frequency) of your camera drone with “Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission” (NBTC).

Lucky, you do not need to go through the registration process twice. All you need to do is register your drone with CAAT, CAAT will forward your controller information to NBTC for registration.

What do you need?

  1. Insurance — an insurance policy (preferably issue by an insurance company in Thailand) covering property/personal damage that result from you operating the drone. I got mine for THB3000 a year plus THB1000 handling fee. The insurance company will email you a soft copy of the policy and send the hard copy to any address within Thailand. For tourist, you can have it send to your friend/hotel/resort.
  2. Copy of your passport (personal information page) with the signed statement “I assure that I have the ability to control unmanned aircraft perfectly” written or printed on it.
  3. If you had been to Thailand before, copy of your passport (immigration stamp page) — this is not an actual required document but including this will significantly speed up you application process (see update 07/18).
  4. Photograph of your camera drone showing your drone in completed and ready to fly state and its serial number.
  5. CAAT form set can be download at https://www.caat.or.th/en/archives/27220
    • An CAAT UAV registration application form.
    • An CAAT Consent form.
    • An CAAT Self-declaration form.

How to submit your registration?

Since you are outside of Thailand, you only have 2 choices:

  1. Through an agent — by delegation using a “Power of Attorney”, you can appoint an agent in Thailand to check your paperwork, making sure forms are properly filled in and all required documents are present. He should also submit the form on your behalf, follow up on the application process and send you the final certificate. My insurance agent is willing to provide this service for a fee of THB1000. I am not recommending anything but having an agent proof reading your submission is not a bad idea provided your chosen agent is in fact experienced in this matter.
  2. By internet — Yes, CAAT had updated their website, allowing internationals to submit application through their web portal. I had not personally tried it but if you want to give it a go, the URL is https://www.caat.or.th/uav/index.php

How long until I receive my registration?

CAAT registration process usually takes 2 to 3 months. Which means if you want to have your camera drone properly register, you must start the whole process at least 4 months before arriving in Thailand.

Is this a one time registration?

No. According to CAAT website, you must renew your registration every 2 years.

What if I have more than one drone?

You will need an insurance policy for each of your drone and you will also need to register each drone individually with CAAT — much like having two cars.

— Dec/2017

Update (10/18) : FINALLY! Just received my CAAT Certificate today (signed 01/10/2018) — 10 months after initial submission of all documents. Oh well, at least I can now legally fly my drones in Thailand and just in time for my upcoming December trip 🙂

Update (07/18) : CAAT is still behind schedule. In fact, they are now so overwhelm with applications that they start asking insurance companies to help them digitize applicant information. In addition, they also start short cutting their own procedure and bypassing “internal pre-approval process” from immigration department and accept that you are not on Thailand’s immigration “black list” if you can scan a copy of your passport page with Thailand immigration stamp on it.

Update (05/18) : CAAT is way behind in processing applications … oh well … what do you expect from an “asking for trouble” law? They are only up to Oct/17 applications for now.

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Tai Chung, Taiwan Trip

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Haven’t updated my posts for awhile :p Not that I am lazy but because I had been spending most of my nude vacation days in Thailand in recent year and had frequently wrote about it. This time is different because I am lucky enough to be invited to a 2-day nudist gathering by a Taiwan Nudist Group in Tai Chung.

Since there are about 20 of us and not all are driving, members with cars started picking everyone up at various locations. At noon, members started arriving at the gathering spot to form a convoy to our destination. Our overnight stay is a very nice B&B in Miaoli County, Zhuolan Township. The region is a famous firefly breeding ground and you can expect seeing forest full of firefly in spring. Sadly, my trip this year is in late summer so no firefly watching.

The B&B we stayed for the night is family orientated focusing on eco tour. Member of the Taiwan group had communicated with the owner for a long time to convince him renting his place for their gathering. I suppose this is why the event is being held off season. Nevertheless, weather was good and the surroundings are superb!

We arrived around 3 p.m. and after everyone settled in, it took no time before all of us were walking around naked, soaking in the lovely surroundings. There were lovely forest trails for some hiking and best of all a cool stream running right besides the hostel for you to cool down afterward. Needless to say I spend quite some time exploring the stream and bathing in the icy cold water.

After a delicious hot pot dinner, the owner took us shrimp gathering in the stream where we did catch bucket full of shrimps and small fishes — yes, we set them free afterward, no shrimp or fish or crab was hurt in the process. The event was concluded next day after breakfast when we need to pack up our things and head back to civilisation. All in all, this is a very present stay and a pleasure to get to know some more Taiwan nudist.

  • 09/2017
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This is perhaps one of the most common questions I come across in all these years. Despite the fact that many people use these two words interchangeably, there are subtle differences between the two. In the Summer/2012 edition of Going Natural magazine, Lester Cox wrote one of the simplest answer I’d ever read: “Naturism is naked contact with nature, so it is a mixture of nudism, ecology and integration with nature”.

這問題可以算是我多年來最常被問的問題之一。雖然很多人已把這兩個名詞互換使用,但實質上它們是有著微妙的分別。在 2012 年夏季的一期 Going Natural 雜誌中,Lester Cox 寫了一句簡單不過的句子交代它們之間的分別:“Naturism 是透過天體接觸大自然,因此包含了裸體,生態及與大自然的融合”。

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Foreskin Retention Ring

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For many un-circumcised men such as myself, we have no problem pull back our foreskin all the way pass the glan when erect. Problem is our foreskin covers the glans when the penis is in flaccid state which causes most of the “smell” while inviting germs growing underneath. Further, I found pulling back my foreskin keeps my glans dry while feeling cool all day. Of course, circumcision is the ultimate answer but since I am not suffering from any medical condition that warrant the operation, I am reluctant to undergo the procedure for cosmetic reason.

Over the years, I tried many methods to keep my foreskin pull back all day such as sleeves and tapes (ouch!) but nothing really works. Not until I stumble across this foreskin retention ring in recent years which solved the problem. Claimed to be made with medical grade silicon, the ring is smooth and soft to touch. It never “squeeze” onto my penis and it really does feels like nothing once you get used to it. I had been wearing the ring whenever I am awake for almost 2 years now and firmly believe this provides an alternative to circumcision assuming you are not suffering from any medical conditions such as Phimosis.

How to find your size:
Step 1: Relax and make sure your penis is in its smallest flaccid state;
Step 2: Without strethcing out your penis, use a tape measure to measure the circumference just behind the glans.
Step 3: Choose one with circumference less than your measurement. Note that while wearing, the two legs of the ring should not be touching each other. If that happens, it means your ring is too large.

How to use the retention ring?
Step 1: Pull back you foreskin and clean you penis, dry off afterward;
Step 2: Identify the front end of the ring. Yes, the ring is asymmetrical so there is a front (with a small dot) and back;
Step 3: Pull back you foreskin and wear the ring behind the penis glans with front end facing outward.
Step 4: Remove, clean and dry thoroughly after use every day.
Step 5: It would be best to wear loose fit underwear or goes commando like I do.

Why recommending this particular kind over other foreskin retention rings or sleeves?
If you comb the web, you will find many designs of foreskin retention rings but this is one of the handful open ended design available. Because it is open ended, it will not exert any force onto your penis while wearing and it will not fall off even if you have an erection-flaccid cycle while wearing it. I tried many designs and found this one to be most effective and comfortable.

Is this an advertisement / infomercial?
I am writing this article to share my personal experience with others in similar condition. This is not an advertisement and I had not receive any payment in any form or by any means. You will not find any link to manufacturer(s) or merchant(s) carrying this product. If you want one, you have to comb the web yourself and I assure you they are easy to find.

That’s it! The ring will prevent your foreskin covering the glans and you will feel clean and fresh all day long.

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Chaing Mai, Thailand of course 😀 LOL … Jokes aside, once in a while, I did receive comment from readers saying they had a tough time actually finding the resort on site. So I am writing this to clarify a few finer points.

Q. What is the resort’s exact GPS coordinate?
A. The GPS coordinate of the resort’s parking lot is 18.751204, 99.240445

Q. I found the resort on Google Map but when I try navigating to it, I ended up running in circle.
A. This is because Google Map is WRONG (as at May-2017). On Google Map, the road leading to the resort is missing while showing a road that does not exist in real world (see map below).

Q. So … which online map is correct?
A. I recommend OpenStreetMap simply because it is correct (see map below).

Q. If not Google Map then what navigation app should I use?
A. I recommend OsmAnd, both free and pay version does a great job. Because OsmAnd use download map, you won’t even need a SIM / data plan in Thailand.

Clear? I wish no one will get lost anymore 🙂 When I visited OV in April-2017, I noticed they had erect some new and bigger signs on road junctions to guide their customers. Just drive slowly and pay attention to signs on road side when you are near and you should be okay.

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Happy Year of Monkey

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2016 Happy Nude Year

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In this happy day, I would like to wish you all have a very happy nude year in 2016 😀

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine

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HorseIt will be Chinese New Year in two more days and it is time again to celebrate the arrival of another year — the year of horse. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

For those who are not familiar with Chinese customs, we traditionally name each year using a Chinese numeral system. Problem is, many Chinese in ancient days are illiterate. In order for all citizen to use an easily understandable calendar system, the “King” invented a simplified system using 12 animals instead of the complex numeral system to name each year.

Since then, educated Chinese scholars use the complex calendar system in all their studies ranging from astronomy to fortune telling. Whereas, a simplified system are use by common people.

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