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NF Camp @ Phetchaburi, Thailand

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This September, I went on vacation in Cha Am mainly because I had never visited that part of Thailand before and also, to check out NF Camp (Naturist Friend Camp) which opened for business last year. NF Camp is being run by a friendly Thai naturist couple. The couple loves naturism so much that they decided not only to participate but also to open a naturist B&B themselves. Please support their cause and book through their Facebook page by messaging the owner. NF Camp is located near Cha Am, about 3-hour drive from Bangkok. The GPS coordinate is 12.957234, 100.038148.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: NF Camp is NOT a resort. If I have to give it a classification, I would say it operates more like B&B. As such, do not expect elaborated resort facilities, rather what you get is great hospitality from the host and a place to share your passion for naturism.

I visited NF Camp as “Day Visitor” partly because I was staying in another resort nearby and partly because I want to know the place before coming back for staying in future. On the day of our arrival, the owner greet us at the bridge and lead us through parking lot of RedZ resort, onto a dirt trail for about 50 meters before reaching their place. Despite being a day visitor, the owner is kind enough to let us use one of their cabins for changing and storage and we kept it until we left at late afternoon.

There are both fan and air conditioned cabins for rent. Size-wise, fan cabin is not much bigger than a double bed plus an open toilet/shower area while the air conditioned cabin is a bit larger. The open toilet/shower area really give this place a raw and wild impression — which maybe too “raw” for prolonged stay.

NF Camp is roughly divided into two areas: accommodation and a clearing, with a swimming pool (or as my friend said, “an extra large sized bath tub” LOL) in between. Nevertheless, it is a welcoming dip in hot summer day, especially after bathing in the sun for an hour or so. The clearing is great for sunbathing in the afternoon because the sun will set just behind the treeline, giving you cool shades to enjoy an lazy afternoon.

You will see a beautiful ocean view on the other side of the clearing. There is also a great beach at low tide just over the seawall. Since NF Camp is being flank by a small fishing village and RedZ Resort, I would not recommend walking along it in nude (what a shame). Besides, I don’t see any stairs leading to it. Also, when the tide starts coming in, it really comes in fast — so be very careful if you want to stroll on it.


Disclaimer: I am writing this article to share my personal experience. This is not an advertisement and I had not received any payment in any form or by any means.

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