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Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket

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At first, I did not plan on visiting this resort but since I had two extra nights to kill after my visit to Oriental Beach Village Naturist Resort, why not? To be honest, I have yet to have the opportunity to visit the three naturist resorts in Phuket.

Formerly know as Fairy Meadows, current operator Neil and Tracy from UK refurbished (or more accurately rescued) this place and established Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket. Opened in November 2019, this is the latest one among the three naturist resorts in Southern Phuket.

My day began by checking out of Oriental Beach Village Resort, taking the 10:30 ferry at Ko Kho Khao Harbour follow by 3-hour drive all the way to Southern Phuket with a healthy lunch+shopping stop at Tesco Lotus Thalang. My partner likes shopping in Tesco Lotus because they often have good quality bed sheets on sale. Yes, in case you were wondering, she bought a set as usual.

Where is it?

Our drive took us towards Promthep Cap — the southern tip of Phuket Island, which is only minutes away from the resort. The GPS coordinate of their gate is 7.765733, 98.310463. Once through the gate, there was an covered car park area to my right and the reception to the left. Having a Thailand SIM card is a plus because the office is not always manned and you may need to call Neil to open the front door for you. 

The Environment

Once inside, you will find the swimming pool and nested around it in sort of a sloping terrain are 8 cottages, a small gazebo and 2 vacant plots (for now). Neil said, one of the plots will be develop as an garden area while the other one will serve as an extension to the pool with a dinning area.

For now, the “garden” area have only a few chairs and hammocks while the “extended deck” is still in conceptual stage. Harmony Naturist Resort is an ongoing project and for now, business is blooming. I have high hope this place will be very different when I return.

How is the cottage?

Our cottage was surprisingly clean and properly furnished. It even comes with proper cookery and microwave oven, so in theory you can hit the local wet market for ingredient and cook your own meal. There are of course, much better options.

WiFi reception was great and I had no problem setting up my Chromecast for NexFlix and Amazon Prime viewing. I suppose if you have to pick bones, you can wish for a TV in bedroom so you can enjoy your evening movie in bed.

Where to dine?

Breakfast — it is included but honestly, there really are room for improvement. Breakfast is kind of continental style so it may not suit meat eaters who love sausages and beacon. Also, the coffee … it’s just … I really don’t know how to say this politely but it does taste like nun’s piss 🙁 Again, I may be biased because I really do like a bowl of hot and salty Thai porridge — perfect to prepare my body for a hot sweaty day.

Lunch & Dinner — there are lot’s of options along Ra Wai Beach. Neil recommended two places “Nikitas Beach Restaurant” at the end of Ra Wai Beach @ GPS coordinate 7.774698, 98.326204 and “Paradise Beach Bar” @ GPS coordinate 7.766394, 98.317760. Both restaurants serve great food at reasonable price.

— 02/20

Disclaimer: I am writing this article to share my personal experience. This is not an advertisement and I had not received any payment in any form or by any means.

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